2nd International Conference on Desalination using Membrane Technology, 26-29 July 2015, Singapore

2nd International Conference on Desalination using Membrane Technology

26 - 29 July 2015 | Singapore Expo Convention and Exhibition Centre

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Conference Chairs:

Nidal Hilal, University of Swansea, UK and Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute (Editor-in-Chief of Desalination)
Ahmad Fauzi Ismail
, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia
Rong Wang
, Nanyang Technologicial University, Singapore

There is an urgent and increasing need for better provision of clean water of drinking quality on a worldwide basis. The lack of clean water is the direct cause of millions of deaths every year in poorer countries, while in most affluent countries the demand for such water is continuously increasing. Thus, the development of new means to produce drinking water is a high priority for international organisations, governments and research agencies.

Sustainable development of effective desalination processes can make a major contribution to meeting the demand for drinking water, and membrane desalination is the most promising of the new approaches. However, the technology raises a number of energy efficiency as well as environmental and sustainability issues which will also be covered in this conference.


Plenary and Keynote talks will be given by leading authorities in the field.
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The 2nd International Conference on Desalination using Membrane Technology will allow the dissemination and discussion of cutting edge research. The scope will include theoretical and applied research, technological and industrial development. Participants will include leading academic researchers, scientists and engineers from membrane desalination and associated industries as well as representatives of government organizations, international agencies and aid organizations.


  • Reverse osmosis
  • Nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, microfiltration
  • Pre-treatment and post-treatment processes
  • Novel desalination technologies
    • Membrane distillation
    • New membrane types
    • Forward osmosis
    • Pressure-retarded osmosis
  • Membrane systems
    • Hybrid systems
    • Module design
    • Novel membrane systems and configurations
  • Brine/concentrate disposal and waste management
  • Energy and sustainability
  • Economics
  • Case studies
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